Saturday, 24 January 2015

Five Places Tag

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Hi everyone... So this weeks blog post is going to be the five places I really want to travel to or travel back to. This can be a tag and if you have done a blog post like this comment me and let me know. If not I tag you to do this.

First on my list has got to be Paris. I have been to France many times and have not long ago done a blog post about my fishing trip there, but I have never been to Paris. It is my dream to go see the Eiffel and walk around all the fanatic shops they have. I am really hoping to be going some time this year. 

The second on my list is Rome. I am planning on going to Rome this year or next and I am so excited. I have always wanted to go round and see all of Rome's wonders. 

My third Is Portugal and I am lucky enough to be going here in the summer and I am super excited. I will be doing a blog post when I come back and I may do a YouTube video if thats something you would like to see?.

I am lucky enough to have already been to Florida but I would love to go back. I had a wonderful holiday with me and my mum and I think the place is just beautiful. We only could go for a week and we never got to go to Disney land so I would love to go back and go there.

Last on my list is the grand canyon. Now I have always wanted to come and see this beautiful place but have never had the money to travel. I hope one day to save up so I can travel here and also around the USA. 

I hope you liked this weeks blog don't forever to comment me if you have done this tag or if you are going to I would love to read.

thank you 



Thursday, 15 January 2015

My shop

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As some of you may know I have been planing on selling some of my handmade bracelets for a while now and I can now happily say I have put them up on my shop. There are five different types of bracelets to pick from. I would love to know your thoughts on them in the comment box.

This is the first bracelet it's a simple black code bracelet with a peace link. I am selling for only £0.99 for the moment with free post. I am currently only selling to the UK but I can changed in the future. If you would like this for yourself please click on the image and this will take you to my Ebay page.

This is the second bracelet it's a purple code with a love link. This is also going for £0.99 with free post. I would love to hear what you think about this bracelet and if you like the style of it.

This is the third bracelet it wraps round your wraps twice as you can see from this picture and has a love link. This is on my shop for £1.

This is the last bracelet on my shop. Its much like the black bracelet but with a purple code. This is on my shop for only £0.61 as a started.

I would love to hear you what guys think of my bracelets. I have only got one of each item up on my shop but as soon as one sells I will upload another. They are all handmade by myself with great care and I put a of effort into making them. It would mean the world to me if people would comment me there thoughts.

Thank you so much 

Hope you all have a wonderful day