Monday, 13 April 2015

My travel toiletry bag

So as most of you know I am off to Portugal in a couple of weeks and I am going for two weeks. I have been shopping a brought of my favourite toiletries so I though I would share some of them with you. Hopefully if any of you are going any soon this will give you some ideas on the products that are out there. 

First things first we have a sun cream and I am taking with me the Nivea sun spray in 30 as I know its going to be very hot in Portugal and I don't fancy being burnt. I got this from Boots and it was £6.50. Next up is the BodyShop chocolate body shop and I am in love with this its smells so good. I have the bigger size bottle as we are going for two weeks I don't think a smaller travel size will last me. This was around £6. 

I am also taking with me a JohnFrieda small hair spray and I got this from Boots travel section for only £2.50. Also for my hair I have the OZ heat defence. 

From Soap and Glory I have a small hand cream and Body lotion and you can get them from boots travel section for around £3 each. 

I also have another body wash from Baylis and Harding and this was around £4 and is a small size perfect for travelling. 

I am also bringing with me another body lotion from Botany it is a aloe vera body lotion and this stuff smells so good. I got it for a gift so I don't know how much it costs or where you can get it from.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post

If you are travelling anywhere I would love to know where you are off to 



Wednesday, 1 April 2015


So yesterday me and my boyfriend went to London!! so I though while I was up there I would take some pictures to do a Blog post about it.  We mainly went to go shopping in Oxford street (which was amazing!) but we also got to go to the British Museum which I really enjoyed. I hope you like the pictures !!

Our first stop after a hour coach ride was a good Mc D's coffee and breakfast.  After this we walked along Oxford street and looks in all the amazing shops. 

The British Museum 


Pizza Hut!!

Pret Coffee

Hyde Park 

Hope you have liked today's Blog post !!!
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