Friday, 29 May 2015

Nail review

Hello everyone! So this weeks Blog I am going to be reviewing the Rimmel Londons nail varish collection that I took on holiday with me. Some where very good but some where bad so hopfully this blog post with give you a couple ideas on what you can buy from Rimmel that will best suit you. 

Purple- light

Colour- amazing
Lasted- one day then started chipping
Fast dry - very good dried straight away
Coats- 2

I really loved this colour and I think its the perfect summer colour. After two coats it looked lovely and didn't need any more. It dried straight away which is always a good thing. The only problem i had with this is that it chipped very easy and because of this I had to re do my nails again. I would how ever buy this again as I am I'm love with the colour. 

Colour- amazing
Lashed- couple of days 
Dry- not to great had to re do as though was dry and used my hands and it came off
Coats -2
Now this colour was amazing and perfect for summer. The only problem i had was it look a while to dry and I did smug it a couple of times and had to redo it. 


Colours- okay went put 3 coats or more on
Lashed- 2
Dry- very quick
Coats - 3 to 4 very watery

Well what can i say I hated this nail varnish. First coat was so watery and so thin, it just went everywhere and had to re do it. After I managed to put the first coat on without it running everywhere i then had to apple 4 more coats to get it to the colour it was in the bottle. It took a very long time to fully dry. I will not be buying this again very disappointing 


Colour- very good colour
Coast- 2 
Dry - very quickly 
Lasted - long

Overall- I really liked this nail varnish and it stayed on for a very long time. When putting the first coat on it went on very nicely and very clear. It dried very quickly and I was able to apply the second coat which just finished it off perfectly. I am very impressed with this nail varnish and would defo recommend this product. Perfect for the summer!!

I hope you enjoyed todays Blog post 

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Thursday, 21 May 2015


Hello everyone so as you all know I have been in sunny Portugal in the Algarve for the last two weeks. My internet was really bad so couldnt upload any blogs but if you follow me on (instagram)or (twitter) you would have followed my day by day updates. This blog I though I would share with you some of my pictures from my trip. 

I went to many places in Portugal and shall tell you where I was in the pictures below. 

I hope you enjoye this blog post and like the pictures i have taken. 

I have also filmed a summer lookbook and you can see that on my youtube page I hope you guys like it as I have worked very hard on this video and would mean so much to me if you could leave a comment what you think :)

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Hope you have a wonderful day 

See you very soon with another post :)