Sunday, 19 October 2014

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So yesterday I went to Thorpe Park for there fright night theme. The park was open from 10 till 10 witch is amazing. we got to the park at 940 unfortunately we had to wait a hour before getting into the park. There was so many people that turned up that the average waiting time for one ride was a hour and 30 mins needless to say we didn't get to go on many rides. Another great thing abouts
 fright night where 4 mazes that we could of gone on unfortunately the average waiting time for these where 3 hours so we didn't bother. We ended up leaving at 7:00 because just couldn't be bothered to wait around any longer. Although there was a lot of waiting and we didn't get to go on many ride we still had a wonderful day. Here are some of the pictures that I took

Hope you enjoy...

The make up I wore to Thorpe Park

Thorpe park make up

Hope you enjoyed

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Friday, 10 October 2014

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So this weeks blog I have decided to show you guys my dress collection. Now I only have four dresses so this wont be a to long of a blog post. I hope you guys like my dresses and hopefully will give you some ideas. Enjoy xx


So this first dress is from Zara and I love it and I wear it the most out of all my dresses. It was only £30 witch is a bargain for Zara as the quaintly is super nice. I love Zara and the rang of dresses they sell. I normally wear this with my Primark leggings and a small clutch bag. I also wear my watch and Pandora bracelet.


Now this dress is from Miss Selfridge and was around £20 in the sale and this is why I had to buy it. I love this dress and have only worn couple of times witch is a shame as I would like to wear it more. I normally wear this dress with black leggings black shoes and a little clutch bag.


This dress is from new look and I love this dress also. I fits well and isn't to short. I wear this with legging and my Pandora bracelet. I think I brought this dress for only £10 in a New look sale.


This dress is also from New look and I brought it because I love the bow on the back of the dress I think it looks super cute. I don't really wear this dress as it is a bit to long for me. I wear it with leggings and a gold belt.

Well these's are all my going out dresses, as i said not many at all but I do love them all and I love wearing them. If you liked this blog post please comment me below and if you would like to see another blog like this please let me know

Thank you have a nice day